18.12.2017 • 15:47

1 Matthias • Photo Moment

Hello good people at Photo Moment...I have been wondering about this very good photography site for a while...I don`t want to be critical in a negative way, rather in a positive way...but it has been noticable for a while that there are not as many photographers sharing and commenting as they were a few years ago...I keep asking myself why ???...I personally don`t have any answers to that question, but maybe Photo Moment needs to share more of their qualities on Facebook since the world wide photo community from every part of the world is presenting themselves there...I hope that I can contribute in my own small way by just being here, sharing some of my photographs, commenting and linking other photographers and myself from Photo Moment to Facebook.
If anyone has any ideas and comments regarding this, I would like to read your opinion...I believe Photo Moment has a very good international potential that could be vastly improved.
All the best
Matthias Jurisch


15.02.2018 • 20:05

2 Truth • Photo Moment

Скъпи Матиас, никой няма да ти отговори. Не чакай. В този сайт все още припкаме с цървулките на соца...



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